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F-35A 1:8 Scale Lightning II JSF | PNP

F-35A 1:8 Scale Lightning II JSF | PNP

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This is the brand new 2024 F-35A Lightning II Turbine-Ready version with factory updates to get you flying faster!

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Elevator Stabs and Vertical Fins
  • Factory Installed JP ER-150 Electric Landing Gear w/Brakes and Controller 
  • Factory Installed CAT HV Servos
    BLS400 HV x 2 pcs for Elevator 
    BLS300 HV x2 pcs for Aileron
    DS160 HV x 1 pcs for Nose Gear
    DS100 HV x 2 pcs for Rudder
    DS62 HV x 4 pcs for Doors
  • Factory Installed Gear Doors

    Flies well from paved, grass and matted surfaces alike.
    Serious single-engine scale fun! GET FLYING FASTER.

Scale - 1:8
Length - 196 cm (77 in)
Wingspan - 134 cm (53 in)
Empty Weight - 27 lbs 
Flight Time - 9 min


  • Painted airframe
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Scale landing gear
  • Bypass Pipe
  • Fuel tank x2
  • UAT
  • Fuel lines

DHL factory direct shipping $680-710

SAVE $100 with KT engine bundle purchase. 


Turbine: 120-142N  *KingTech K130g4+ recommended
Radio: +12ch
Gyro: 3-Axis Stabilization  *CortexPro recommended

(1) Smoke Pump 
(1) Smoke Stick ~12" length 
(1) Smoke Tank 300-400mL
(1) Afterburner Ring 125mm + Controller  
(1) Scale Medium Kit-Nav/Strobe, Beacon, Nose Spot + Controller 
(1) 1/7 - 1/8 10" Modern Jet RC Pilot Figure (Black)
(1) Scale Functioning Pitot Tube

*All recommended equipment is available for purchase with all orders

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